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Chris Goodman
Managing Director of Square One Priorities

During the past two decades, I have contributed my scientific knowledge, business acumen, and leadership strengths in directing US and global operations for diagnostic testing, stem cell banking, and the manufacture of tissue and reagent products. In senior executive positions (Director, CEO and COO), I helped lead startups and expansions, as well as well-established biopharmaceutical companies to exceptional growth, profitability and market share.

I’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader with an exemplary record of working with companies and labs to become leaders in the clinical, research, production, and distribution of cells and tissues. My credentials and achievements include patents, GMP lab design and operations, regulatory licenses and accreditations, LIM system design and implementation, website design, and social media marketing.

By initiating and sustaining strong relationships with governments, hospitals, academia, and investors, I negotiated deals and boosted business for several high-tech, scientifically sophisticated, and socially conscious biotech organizations. I adeptly identified and capitalized on medical advancements to create new product opportunities and efficient processes to drive productivity and bottom-line growth.

Paul Goodhand
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I attended Grimsby technical college in the UK where I completed my apprenticeship earning my Cities and Guilds qualification. I specialized in traditional plasterworks including traditional and highly specialized fibrous plasterwork (restoration work of classical plasterworks using modern and traditional materials).  I then formed my own business in renovation and modernization of residential dwellings.  In the late 1980s, I moved into the industrial sector and used my skills to manage the maintenance department of the local industrial processing plant.

After several years, I was asked to join a team responsible for the construction and maintenance of cranes and heavy-duty equipment for construction sites, rapidly becoming the most qualified employee on the sites and earning the Appointed Person Qualification.  A few years later, my specialized fibrous plasterwork became highly sought after and I was recruited to work for an Italian Company on the construction of Eurodisney in France. Upon completion of the Eurodisney project I returned to the UK where I formed my second construction company. I was soon rewarded with contracts in the pub and food industry, re-furbishing pubs and restaurants throughout the UK.  I was recommended to help out in a situation with a clean room in a hospital where the design company was experiencing problems with the transition between host building and clean room.  I designed a solution and the clean room was commissioned on time and within budget. Once completed, my expertise was in high demand throughout the UK. I was asked to take on the roles ranging from site management in the start up phase all the way through to the commissioning and validation of the build. From here, I went on to design and build clean rooms for my own clients as well as contracts for other companies.

I have the following certifications:

  • IPAF (powered access)
  • Pasma  (scaffold erection)
  • Gold card Cscs
  • Health and safety certificate
  • First aid
  • Cities and Guild

Mark Fuller
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I started my career in the construction business. After completing the required apprenticeship with Dalton’s construction company I went to work for a TP Wilkins in the UK where I was fast tracked down the pathway of managerial training and learned procurement, health and safety, site management and eventually was promoted to site supervisor.  It was at this time in my career that I was asked to take responsibility of the company’s maintenance contract for the local Royal Air Force base in the UK.  This included technically advanced environmental controls for highly sensitive equipment relaying information through sensors within the facility.  This offer was subject to passing all of the Ministry Of Defense security checks and clearances.   This contract lasted for several years until I decided to resign in order to set up my own company, MB Fuller Construction.  I was soon awarded the maintenance contract for Ciba Giegy in Grimsby (now known as Novartis), where I started to gain additional experience in laboratory design, maintenance, commissioning and validations. This contact included oversight and direct responsibilities for the entire facility, which was comprised of over 50 buildings containing 20 labs.  This oversight included toxic chemical handling, advanced environmental controls for cooling, humidity and heating for research and pharmaceutical labs, roofing and high-end filtration for chemicals as well as human biohazards.  I held this contract for 15 years after which I decided to use my expertise in the building and fitting out clean rooms throughout the UK and Europe. During this time I was asked to work on a project with a construction company called Finishing Touches.  We were contracted to design and build out clean rooms for Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust (category A and B clinical clean rooms), Rolls Royce (particulate free clean rooms for advanced manufacturing processes), Anthony Nolan Trust (category A and B clinical clean rooms) along with Various UK government projects including mobile medical facility’s for the military (mobile clean room surgical theaters with advanced generator powered air handling controls designed to be transported via helicopters, ships and military ground vehicles).

Upon completion of the military contract, I was asked to travel to Qatar to build the country’s first GMP clean room laboratory, Virgin Health Bank. The specific requirements of Virgin Health Bank included vacuum jacketed liquid nitrogen cryogenic systems, air-handling units, filtration controls, particulate counts and the maintenance of humidity levels able to comply with grade B and C clean room environments with very stringent temperature and humidity ranges.  This included the configuration of the facility monitoring system.  The air handling unit, its controls and the facility monitoring system were designed to handle this highly regulated environment and was the first of its kind in the Middle East.  Upon completion of this project, I was offered the position of Facility Manager at Virgin Health Bank with additional responsibilities as Chemical and Safety Officer.  During my time there I was asked to also take on the role of Fire Warden for the Qatar Foundation owned Business Park where Virgin Health Bank is located.

Mark Fuller
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Kourosh Saeb-Parsy graduated from the University of Cambridge Medical School with first class honours in 2001, also having obtained a PhD in neuroscience. He is University Lecturer and consultant Transplant Surgeon at the Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge. His clinical practice include kidney, pancreas and liver transplantation, and living donor nephrectomy and deceased donor multi-organ retrievals. His laboratory research focus is in the function and immunogenicity of transplanted regenerative cellular therapies derived from stem cells,  ischaemia reperfusion injury in transplanted solid organs and cancer. His multidisciplinary, collaborative and translational research approach includes the full range of small animal, large animal and human experimental models. His clinical research is focused on factors affecting transplant outcomes and the legal regulation of transplantation. He is also Fellow and Director of Studies for Clinical Medicine at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. He has extensive commercial experience in the life sciences and healthcare sector through working with small and large biomedical companies, including start-ups and major multinational companies. In additional to his academic and clinical background, he is experienced in business strategy, R&D, marketing, fund-raising, intellectual property and regulatory affairs. He has established an extensive academic, clinical and commercial network to empower organizations that have a core mission to disrupt the status quo within healthcare today and effect positive change for the benefit of patients.


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